Past Recipients

Past Winners and Current Students

2018 - sarah addo

Sarah is an outstanding student with a passion for computer science, heading the construction team for her school's theater troupe, working as an ambassador for her school, and learning about history. When she arrives in Ann Arbor she looks forward to advocating for women in computer science and volunteering in Detroit and Ann Arbor to teach students about computer science and help foster an interest in technology.

In Sarah's own words, "I am honored to be able to be a part of the leaders and the best while pursuing a computer science degree at a wonderful institution. I plan to regularly travel to Detroit and other cities to volunteer and teach underprivileged kids who have similar backgrounds as me. I also plan to proudly rattle off facts about Michigan as a tour guide and cheer on our amazing teams at games. I am immensely grateful to be the recipient of the UMDC scholarship and to have a connection to the wonderful Michigan Alumni Club of D.C. I cannot wait to be in Ann Arbor and, of course, Go Blue!"

2017 - will Roberts

Will Roberts is a senior from Broadneck High School in Annapolis, Maryland. Will has been on the Honor Roll throughout his entire high school career, while also maintaining a busy schedule with his participation on his school's swim team, and his employment as a Customer Service Representative with the United States Naval Academy's Athletic Association.

In Will's own words, "earning the scholarship reminds me that all the hard work throughout high school has paid off. Every day, I worked to become a better person in the classroom, pool, and community to be able reach my full potential. It is a tremendous honor to receive the scholarship. I am grateful that the Scholarship Committee has seen the potential in me, giving me the feeling that there are more people from the University who will believe in me. I have full faith that through the University of Michigan, I will be able to achieve my goals and give the Michigan Alumni Club of D.C. another person to be proud of. Go Blue!"

2016 - Ankita Sharma

Ankita is a senior at Poolesville High School in Poolesville, Maryland. She has been engaged in activities as varied as her high school's NASA club to its Teen Advisory Group, a council which promotes libraries for young adults. She has been bestowed with many awards, including being named a National Merit Scholar and being nominated for the Presidential Scholars program.

In Ankita's own words, she is "incredibly excited to become a Wolverine in the fall of 2016 as an Aerospace Engineering major. I hope to dedicate myself to service- and STEM-oriented extracurricular activities, including M-FLY, the NicarAGUA chapter of Blue Lab, and the famed Solar Car project, as well as conduct research under UROP mentorship. I am working towards obtaining a co-op with a company which recruits at U of M, such as Boeing or Lockheed Martin, and eventually culminating my education in a Master's graduate program. I will strive to make a difference in the community through all these efforts, while hopefully maintaining satisfactory grades in my major and double-minors in business management and computer science. I am eager to experience a game at the Big House, which are rumored to be electrifying, and perhaps join club tennis if time and temperature permit."

2015 - Alisha A. Jennings-Olowosuko

Alisha is a senior at Benjamin Banneker Academic HS in Washington, D.C. She has been active in both her community with Girls, Inc. – a non-profit for young women that empowers them to become productive members, while focusing on self-pride and self-awareness. At school, Alisha has also been recognized with many “Outstanding Student Awards,” including Math, English, Social Studies, Science and Spanish. She has also been a 4-year High School cheerleader and Captain this year.

Alisha was thrilled when the co-chairs called her to offer the 2015 UMDC Scholarship. She chose Michigan because of its “amazing BBA program, and the school spirit that I witnessed … I know it is the university for me.” Attending the University will allow her to achieve her goal to be an Executive Financial Officer in a major Fashion Industry company. As she noted in her application, “receiving this scholarship would get me one step closer to attending the school of my dreams, receiving the education of a lifetime, and being able to help those who have helped me so much over the years.”

After winning the Scholarship, we asked Alisha to express her feelings; this is what she replied: “Every year, seniors at my high school are asked to choose a quote they feel best represents what they stand for. This year, as a graduating senior, I was called to choose mine, and I settled on a quote by John Wooden that reads "Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out." After reading Wooden's words, I could not imagine any other string of letters that could better describe my journey. Through all adversities and disadvantages, I was given a grandmother who did her best to give me a life better than the one she experienced living in the third world country of Trinidad. Winning the UMDC Scholarship not only brings me one step closer to a top tier education at the University of Michigan, but also provides a stepping stone to being the manifestation of my grandmother's hard work.”

Past Winners:

  • 2014 - Emma Keegan
  • 2013 - Sagarika Das
  • 2012 - Hana Baker
  • 2011 - Nicholas Tountasakis
  • 2010 - Lisa Gross
  • 2009 - Dan Ackerman
  • 2008 - Holly Shablack
  • 2007 - Nabeel Qadri
  • 2006 - Miles Jackson
  • 2005 - Sonya Cho
  • 2004 - Teresa Glodek
  • 2003 - Kendal Sparks
  • 2002 - Evan Quasney
  • 2001 - Candice Taylor
  • 2000 - Ian Gifford
  • 1999 - Mike Pearson
  • 1998 - Stacy Lee