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Some of the Latest Climate Models Provide Unrealistically High Projections of Future Warming

U-M Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences researchers Chris Poulsen, Jiang Zhu, and Bette Otto-Bliesner find that some of the latest-generation climate models may be overly sensitive to carbon dioxide increases. April 30, 2020. #5mins #web-article #MichiganNews ...

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Study: Cutting animal-based foods in U.S. diet by half could prevent 1.6 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

School for Environment and Sustainability researchers have partnered with Tulane University in a study that has found cutting animal based foods in the U.S. can prevent 1.6 billion tons of greenhouse gases. April 29, 2020. # #EnvironmentandSustainability #web-article ...

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Parker Solar Probe: 'We're Missing Something Fundamental About the Sun'

Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Professor Justin Kasper discusses new findings about the sun from the Parker Solar Probe, including rogue plasma waves and flipping magnetic fields. December 4, 2019. # #Engineering #web-article #MichiganEngineeringNewsCenter ...

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Climate Change is Driving Rapid Shifts Between High and Low Water Levels on the Great Lakes

U-M hydrology and climate sciences specialists Drew Gronewold and Richard B. Rood discuss the new "normal" that is rapid high and low water levels in the Great Lakes area, discussing the lakes' water budget, the role of climate change, and forecast tools. June 4, 2019. #5-15mins ...

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Commuters: Ridesourcing Could Fix Public Transit

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning researchers discuss ridesourcing and how it could fix public transit systems around the world. August 29, 2018. #Featured #FeaturedEnvironment # #ArchitectureandUrbanPlanning #web-article ...

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Algae in the Gas Tank? U of M Researchers Study Problems Holding Back Algal Biofuel

U-M School for Environment and Sustainability Professor Bradley Cardinale describes the growing interest in algal biofuels and the challenges that must still be overcome before they can be utilized at the pump. June 29, 2018. #BradleyCardinale #DougTribou #5-15-mins #podcast ...