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Would a Sewage Surveillance Effort Help Track COVID-19?

U-M Engineering assistant professor Krista Wigginton has conducted research about coronaviruses for years, and she finds that watershed could carry the virus, and other related viruses such as SARS and MERS. March 31, 2020. # #universityofmichigan-other #web-article ...

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U-M Leads $62M ‘Largest Radio Telescope in Space’ Mission

U-M Engineering Professor Justin Kasper leads the new NASA mission that is aiming to provide better information on how the sun’s radiation affects the environment that our spacecraft and astronauts travel through. March 31, 2020. # #universityofmichigan-other #web-article ...

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Group Analyzing U-M Food’s Role in Greenhouse Gas Reduction

U-M faculty and students analyze the university's current food system in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions linked to food production, procurement, and waste, as part of the President’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality. February 25, 2020. #5-15mins #web-article ...

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U-M Highlighting Women's Suffrage Victories, Struggles That Remain

University of Michigan is celebrating the centennial of women's right to vote and remembering women's suffrage throughout 2020, which multiple events and publications during the year. January 20, 2020. #5-15mins #universityofmichigan-other #web-article #universityrecord ...

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Long Periods of Undisturbed Sleep May Be Associated with Stillbirth

U-M Division of Sleep Medicine researcher Louise O’Brien finds that frequent nights of nine or more hours of undisturbed sleep is correlated with higher rates of stillbirths. January 22, 2019. #5-15mins #web-article #universityrecord #HealthandWellness #Science ...

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How U.S. Children and Teens Die: Study Reveals the Widespread and Persistent Role of Firearms

Michigan Medicine emergency medicine physician Rebecca Cunningham finds a disturbing rise in gun-related deaths in children and teens over the past ten years, even as other causes of deaths have been on the decline. December 19, 2018. #5-15mins #web-article #universityrecord #Health...

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President Honors Bierbaum, Ryan for Public Engagement Efforts

President Schlissel honors Rosina Bierbaum, professor in the School for Environment and Sustainability, and Joseph Ryan, professor in the School of Social Work, and highlights their achievements in engaging the community. January 28, 2019. #5-15mins #universityofmichigan-other #web...