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Researchers to Use Brain Scans to Understand Gender Bias in Software Development

Michigan Engineering Professor Westley Weimer and PhD student Yu Huang were given funding from Google Faculty Research Award to use medical imaging and eye tracking to better understand how gender bias impacts decisions made during code review. March 30, 2020. #5-15mins #Engineering...

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Putting Hardware Accelerators to Work with Automatic Code Translation

U-M Ph.D. candidate Kevin Angstadt develops a system that allows software engineers to tap into the power of hardware accelerators like FPGAs without specialized programming knowledge or needing to rewrite old code called AutomataSynth. March 26, 2020. # #Engineering #web-article ...

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New Tool Combats Evolving Internet Censorship Methods

A multi-university team led by U-M researchers is combatting the censorship methods that countries impose on internet users by developing tools to help internet users. October 30, 2019. #5-15mins #Engineering #web-article #MichiganEngineeringNewsCenter #Technology #Society ...