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Cuts in National Counterterrorism Office offer opportunities, according to Ali

School of Public Policy's Javed Ali discusses the reduced size of its Counterterrorism Office and how it is an opportunity to look inward and figure out where it can become more efficient and eliminate some redundancies. May 22, 2020. # #PublicPolicy #web-article ...

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Luke Shaefer on the impact of COVID-19 on hourly workers

U-M Ford School of Public Policy professor Luke Shaefer discusses how the economic impacts from COVID-19 will disproportionately affect the poor, hourly workers, and those in the gig economy. March 20, 2020. # #PublicPolicy #web-article #FordSchoolofPublicPolicy ...

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Future Associates Receive Priceless Legal Advice at Michigan Law Pogue Panel

Michigan Law hosted the Pogue Panel which presented three alumni who are prominent law firm leaders. They shared strategies for success during the first few years of a law career. March 25, 2020. # #Law #web-article #MichiganLaw #Career #Resource #PoguePanel ​​​​​​​

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Affordable, Safe Drinking Water for All Michiganders Essential to Slow Spread of COVID-19: U-M Experts

U-M School of Environment and Sustainability professor Paul Mohai discusses the importance of Michigan residents having access to clean, affordable water during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with the importance of washing hands during this time. March 30, 2020. # ...

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Stimulus Package Will Remain Half-baked Unless Local Governments Get More of the Dough

U-M Ford Lecturer Stephanie Leiser explains the stimulus package being given to state and local governments, and how the smaller governments will need to find external resources to help their citizens. March 27, 2020. # #universityofmichigan-other #web-article #TheConversation...

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For Moms, Working Multiple Jobs Can Be Depressing

U-M Public Policy Assistant Professor Natasha Pilkauskas discusses the connection between mothers holding multiple jobs with depressive symptoms, looking for ways to establish alternative policies with job-holding and resources for family income. May 20, 2019. #5-15mins ...

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New Social Studies Curriculum Developed by Chauncey Monte-Sano and Mary Schleppegrell Promotes Literacy, Free to Teachers Nationwide

School of Education Professors Monte-Sano and Schleppegrell create the program "Read.Inquire.Write" that challenges students to engage actively with learning materials. August 30, 2018. #5-15min #Education #web-article #SchoolofEducation #Society #Resource #Technology ...