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Diving for Discovery

U-M Life Sciences Institute Professor David Sherman and College of Pharmacy Professor Ashu Tripathi discuss the advances their lab is making traveling the world to obtain natural soils and plants that could potentially cure AIDS and evolve cancer therapy. September 24, 2019. # ...

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Marijuana Use Among US College Students Reaches New 35-year High

Michigan's annual national Monitoring of the Future Panel study led by Professor John Schulenberg discusses the increases in marijuana usage among college students and compares the rates of drug usage between college students and noncollege students. September 5, 2019. #5-15mins ...

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Prescription Drug Misuse Related to Later Substance Use Disorders

School of Nursing professor Sean Esteban McCabe explains research suggesting prescription drug abuse in adolescence and young adulthood is correlated to later addiction and alcohol abuse. September 12, 2019. #15-30-mins #OfficeofResearch #web-article #HealthandWellness ...

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Small Group Math Instruction Benefits Young Children

U-M Youth Policy Lab co-director and U-M Education and Public Policy professor discuss their research on teaching mathematics in small groups and its implications on low-income students. June 11, 2018. # #OfficeofResearch #webarticle #PovertySolutions #Society #ArtsandCulture ...