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A Passenger Airplane Will Advance a U-Michigan-led Satellite Mission to Understand Climate

U-M Engineering led a NASA project launch to expand upon the CYGNSS satellite mission, which was launched by NASA in 2016. The mission will improve forecasting of flash floods and understanding of how climate change is affecting the South Pacific islands. February 25, 2020. #5-15mins ...

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The Coronavirus and Class Broadcasts

U-M Engineering Professor Perry Samson discusses how the polar vortex gave him insights as to how classes would work and how the university as a whole would react to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. March 4, 2020. # #Engineering #web-article ...

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Would a Sewage Surveillance Effort Help Track COVID-19?

U-M Engineering assistant professor Krista Wigginton has conducted research about coronaviruses for years, and she finds that watershed could carry the virus, and other related viruses such as SARS and MERS. March 31, 2020. # #universityofmichigan-other #web-article ...

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A Sewage Surveillance Effort to Track COVID-19

Michigan Engineering Associate Professor Krista Wigginton researches COVID-19 and other, similar infectious diseases. She discusses how a community's wastewater could be an early indicator of the spread of COVID-19. March 26, 2020. #5-15min #Engineering #web-article ...

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How Opt Out Organ Donation Could Affect U.S. Waiting Lists

Michigan Medicine transplant hepatologist Neehar Parikh et al suggests that opt-out organ donation could increase organ donations but only marginally as his research shows that more must be done to reduce waiting lists in the US. October 2, 2019. #5-15mins #Engineering #web...

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A Quicker Eye for Robotics to Help in Our Cluttered, Human Environments

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Associate Professor Chad Jenkins engineers home-helper robots to assist with our cluttered environments, discussing the new developed algorithm that allows the machines to perceive the environment's orders of magnitude faster than previously before....

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Open-source Bionic Leg: First-of-its-kind Platform Aims to Rapidly Advance Prosthetics

School of Engineering Professor of Mechanical Engineering Elliott Rouse is the lead designer for U-M's new open-source, artificially intelligent prosthetic leg, using the bionic legs across a range of activities in the lab and out in the community. June 5, 2019. #5-15mins ...