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Carbon footprint hotspots: Mapping China’s export-driven emissions

U-M researchers and their Chinese collaborators have tracked emission rates in China from manufacturers, finding 1% of the country’s land area is responsible for 75% of the export-linked CO2 emissions. May 7, 2020. # #universityofmichigan-other #web-article #MichiganNews ...

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Affordable, Safe Drinking Water for All Michiganders Essential to Slow Spread of COVID-19: U-M Experts

U-M School of Environment and Sustainability professor Paul Mohai discusses the importance of Michigan residents having access to clean, affordable water during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with the importance of washing hands during this time. March 30, 2020. # ...

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Reassessing Strategies to Reduce Phosphorus Levels in the Detroit River Watershed

School of Environment and Sustainability Professor Don Scavia discusses how recent plans to reduce the amount of phosphorus in the Michigan water system may not account for the largest contributors of phosphorous, thus signaling a need for reevaluation. November 6, 2019. # ...

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First Widespread Chytrid Fungus Infections in Frogs of Peruvian Amazon Rain Forests Reported

Michigan Alumna Imani Russell conducted her master's thesis in the U-M Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology to find a widespread chytrid fungus infection amongst frogs in the Amazon that is commonly linked to severe frog population decline. October 16, 2019. #15-30-mins ...