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How Self-Driving Car Subsidies Could Carry Us Through the 'Dark Age' of Deployment

U-M researchers discuss a dynamic games approach to determine the environmental policies that might provide incentives for automakers to continue innovating and consumers to increase their use of self-driving cars. January 16, 2020. #5-15mins #Engineering #web-article ...

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Gamified Childhood: Are Digital Devices Replacing Traditional Playtime?

Michigan Medicine Researcher and pediatrician, Jenny Radesky, found that mobile devices and gaming can negatively impact children's open-ended play experiences, which is essential to children's growth and development. October 24, 2019. #5-15mins #Medicine #web-article #HealthLab ...

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New Browser Strategy Game has Players Tackle Real-life Bat Catastrophe

Computer Science and Engineering Lecturer Austin Yarger develops an educational video game designed to inform players of the dangerous white nose syndrome killing off North American bats, a vital piece of our ecosystems. August 16, 2019. # #Engineering #web-article ...