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Michigan Minds: Privacy and Cyber Security

Michigan Minds Podcast presents School of Information professor Florian Schaub for an episode about privacy and cyber security. Schaub will talk about his research, and how both online interactions and smartphones can reveal personal information. December 3, 2019. #5-15mins ...

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Advertising in Apps: Decisions Behind Those Targeted, Sometimes Invasive Ads We See

School of Information researchers discover that app developers who rely on advertising networks for funding lack control over the ads shown on their apps, developing the need for alternate monetization methods for developers. August 13, 2019. #5-15mins #Information #web-article ...

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‘Alexa, Delete What I Just Said’: U-M Researcher Discusses Smart Speaker Privacy Concerns

School of Information Assistant Professor Florian Schaub discusses the privacy concerns with smart devices such as Amazon's Alexa, finding the voice to be a better integrative privacy control to delete all voice commands that occur throughout the day. May 30, 2019. #5-15mins ...