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Meet the Rollverines - Michigan Medicine's wheelchair basketball team

Michigan Medicine's wheelchair basketball team the Rollverines was formed two years ago, and is now apart of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association. The program strives to teach kids about basketball, while creating lifelong friendships. March 19, 2020. # #Medicine #video ...

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U-M Highlighting Women's Suffrage Victories, Struggles That Remain

University of Michigan is celebrating the centennial of women's right to vote and remembering women's suffrage throughout 2020, which multiple events and publications during the year. January 20, 2020. #5-15mins #universityofmichigan-other #web-article #universityrecord ...

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'Me, The Other' Q&A with Shidan Majidi

U-M Aerospace Engineering Department arranged for a screening of 'Me, The Other', which is a documentary about a diverse group of 12 students sharing their stories. The film's director Shidan Majidi does Q&A to discuss the importance of the film. January 27, 2020. #5-15mins ...

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U-M Study Finds No Discrimination in Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Kenneth Lowande studied if there was discrimination against same-sex couples across the United States. November 19, 2019. #5...

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DialogueUP! Episode 2: Featuring Sabrina Claude, Ed.D. on Changing the Trajectory of a School

U-M Intergroup Relations Alumna Sabrina Claude discusses her role in diversifying private school education in the Midwest, specifically at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School. November 1, 2018. #15-30min #universityofmichigan-other #podcast #TheProgramofIntergroupRelations #Society ...

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Upcoming Project to Research Link between Tobacco Use and Discrimination

PhD student in Epidemiology Delvon Mattingly discusses the social determinants of tobacco use and its relationship with marginalized populations. October 30, 2019. # #PublicHealth #web-article #SchoolofPublicHealth #Society #HealthandWellness #Diversity,Equity,andInclusion ...

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3 Tips for Using Pronouns from a Women’s & Gender Studies Professor

University of Michigan Flint Professor Jennifer Alvey discusses how to appropriately support other people's pronouns and establish a pronoun-friendly environment on campus. October 16, 2019. ​​ # #universityofmichigan-other #web-article #U-MFlint #Society #ArtsandCulture ...

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New Research Shows a Glaring Lack of Transparency in Environmental Organizations

School for Environment and Sustainability professor Dorceta E. Taylor expresses concern about the lack of disclosure about diversity data from environmental organizations, and conducts a study to discover the extent of the lack of transparency. October 8, 2019. #<5mins ...

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Michael Bastedo’s Research Cited in NYT Investigation Into What College Admissions Offices Really Want

School of Education Professor Michael Bastedo discusses research suggesting that although many universities claim to strive for diversity in admissions, money and school ranking remain a priority when admitting new students. September 12, 2019. # #Education #web-article ...