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Pharmacy Volunteers Compound Hand Sanitizer for U-M Health System

U-M College of Pharmacy students, faculty, and Michigan Medicine staff members volunteered to help produce 550 15 oz. bottles of hand sanitizer, produced in just two days, for Michigan Medicine's operations. March 30, 2020. # #Pharmacy #web-article #CollegeofPharmacy ...

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Adverse Medication Events in Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disability and Those Without

U-M Pharmacy Professor Steven Erickson, PharmD et. al. published a paper that details the obstacles that Americans with an intellectual or developmental disability face when receiving and administering medication properly. January 29, 2020. #5-15mins #Pharmacy #web-article ...

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Collaborative Research Offers Hope to Dialysis Patients

U-M researchers collaborate in redesigning the dialysis catheters to decrease vascular access infections, which may cause life threatening complications. September 11, 2019. ...

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Long-acting Contraceptive Designed to be Self-administered Via Microneedle Patch

School of Pharmacy Professor Steven Schwendeman discusses a new long-acting contraceptive designed to be self-administered by women, a potentially beneficial solution in areas where healthcare is limited. March 21, 2019. #5-15mins #Pharmacy #web-article #CollegeofPharmacy ...

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"Sepsis Heroes" Start Interprofessional Clinic Aimed at Keeping ICU Patients Healthy after Discharge

Michigan Medicine Clinical Pharmacist Rima Mohammad and colleagues start an inter-professional clinic, composed of pharmacists, social workers, and physicians, to comprehensively treat post-ICU patients medical, mental, and physical health. September 20, 2018. #RimaMohammad # #Pharmacy ...