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Coping with COVID-19: Adults turn to alcohol, marijuana

U-M Social Work associate professor Shawna Lee and doctoral student Kaitlin Ward have collaborated on a report that shows one in four adults in the United States have utilized marijuana or alcohol to improve their moods during COVID-19 pandemic. April 22, 2020. # ...

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Managing Addiction During Quarantine

University of Michigan Addiction Center's Jonathan Morrow, M.D., Ph.D, explains the strains that social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic place on those struggling with addiction. April 27, 2020. #30-60mins #Medicine #video #MichiganMedicine #HealthandWellness #Society ...

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New Year's Cheer, Without Hurting Your Heart

Michigan Medicine Nurse Practitioner Cheryl Bord explains what happens to your heart on holiday cocktails and how to celebrate responsibly. ...

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National Focus on Overdose Prevention Should Include Alcohol Too, Study Suggests

Michigan Medicine Professor Anne Fernandez discusses new research that finds the majority of people struggling with addiction had overdosed on alcohol at least once, and that many people use alcohol with other drugs, making drug use more risky. October 16, 2019. # #Medicine #web...

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Prescription Drug Misuse Related to Later Substance Use Disorders

School of Nursing professor Sean Esteban McCabe explains research suggesting prescription drug abuse in adolescence and young adulthood is correlated to later addiction and alcohol abuse. September 12, 2019. #15-30-mins #OfficeofResearch #web-article #HealthandWellness ...

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Sexual Minorities More Likely to Suffer Severe Substance Abuse Disorders

School of Nursing Professor Carol Boyd and colleagues find that those who identify as sexual minorities or are unsure of their sexual identity are up to five times as likely to have a severe alcohol or tobacco use disorder. January 14, 2019. #5mins #Nursing #web-article #SchoolofNursing ...