There are a lot of ways to help our scholarship fund:

1. Check:  Send a check to the following address, made payable to The University of Michigan.

Reference on your check, "San Diego U-M Club Merit Scholarship Fund - 799853." 

Wolverine Tower ATTN: J. Moody-Novak
3003 S. State Street
Suite 8045
Ann Arbor, MI  48109

2. Online:  Follow this link to our club fund at the University's scholarship page to contribute.

3. Become a 2017 AAUM Life Member:  In anticipation of the University of Michigan's Bicentennial in 2017, the AAUM has a special option for life memberships.  For most alumni, life memberships are $1,200.  However, for the bicentennial, there is a special promotion whereby new members pay $2,017 and are essentially able to receive a life membership for $1,000 and further designate the remaining $1,017 to a scholarship of their choice.  You can choose this option and designate our club scholarship fund to receive the donation.  Follow this link for more information regarding the 2017 Fund.

4. Become a San Diego Life Member:  Due to the generosity of several local donors, we have a special offer available for a limited number of San Diego alumni.  Several donors are willing to split the cost of the 2017 Life Membership.  The donors are paying for the $1,017 donation, leaving you to pay the $1,000 balance.  This opportunity represents a significant savings from the regular $1,200 price.  This limited opportunity is available on a first-come first-serve basis to alumni who have demonstrated an intent to reside in the San Diego County region.  If you want to take advantage of this program or have questions about it, please contact Michael Lippert at

 5. Come to a Michigan Game Watch:  This one is easy!  Both of our official game watch locations generously donate 10% of all food and drink sales to Michigan fans to our scholarship fund. 

 6. Link Your Ralphs or Vons Rewards Card:  Both Ralphs and Vons have programs whereby they will donate between 1-4% of your purchases to our club scholarship fund.  This program is available at no additional cost to you.  Please note that the club receives no information about any individual purchases.  Click here for more information regarding Ralphs and here for more information regarding Vons.

7. Name the UM Club of San Diego in Your Will or Trust:  Over the years, our club scholarship fund has benefitted from generous donations made after local club members pass on.  You should always consult your own tax and legal advisors regarding such a contribution.  Please contact our Endowment chair if you or your advisors have questions regarding this option.

Ralphs Card

To link your Ralphs card with the UM Club of San Diego, please print out the attached flyer and bring it with you on your next visit to the grocery store.  The cashier will scan the bar code at the bottom and link your purchases to the UM Club of San Diego.

Instructions to begin contributing to UMCSD scholarships simply by shopping at Ralphs (pdf).

Vons Card

The Vons Card registration is available through this website link

When you get to Step 2, please enter "UM Alumni Club of San Diego" as the organization name.