We are an alumni group with the goal of providing a means of meeting other alumni and sharing our enthusiasm for the University through various activities. We have regularly schedules watch parties for sporting events and are currently planning additional networking opportunities for our members.

We also have a scholarship fund available to award to local students. We are currently evaluating our options for determining the recipients.

Our current board members are:

President, Kirk Loveless - kirk.loveless@gmail.com

Commnications VP, Michelle Loveless - miche.loveless@gmail.com

VP Scholarships: Ruth Baum Bigus

VP Alumni Engagement (includes watch parties): Paul Ghekas - paul.ghekas@gmail.com

VP Events & Community Involvement: Ryan Mack

Any suggestions for additional activities are welcome. Feel free to contact any of us with your ideas. We also welcome any volunteers!!

To donate online to a scholarship, click here.