Welcome to a whole new way of connecting with fellow Wolverines!

You’re about to discover what it’s like to be connected to alumni on a totally different level. Up until now, the main way was through our regional clubs, which is great, but limited by geography.

With our new online communities, connecting alumni is limitless. Virtual communities can be formed around everything from identity to business affiliations to interests, and so much more. The power of these groups lies in tapping into Leaders & Best brain power from all over the world. This is where robust discussions can take place around topics that interest the community. It’s a way to gather and interact with alumni like never before.

The great thing about this is it’s not just us establishing communities, it’s you, finding and connecting with alumni who share common identities. It’s someone who wants to form a community of those who went to Michigan and now have a career in marketing. It’s about building communities for Wolverine professionals who can help one another with career moves, networking and shifts in the industry. No longer will our alumni be constrained by geographic distance. These virtual communities were created for our alumni to connect with fellow Wolverines across the globe.

Plus, you’ll also find an online directory at your fingertips so you can search for alumni all over, from all walks of life.

Sound exciting? We can’t wait for you to take things for a test drive. More communities will be forming as this exciting new way of connecting rolls out, so remember to check back.

Find Your Community