The various scholarships that our local Fort Wayne U of M Club awards:

Club Scholarships: This is U of M scholarship account 321250.

Fackler Scholarship: THe Fackler family established this scholarship in honor of Donald F. Fackler, a Lincoln Life actuary.

Richard Menge Scholarship: This scholarship fund was established in 2000 by Mary Menge (now Scrogham) to honor her late husband Richard Menge. The scholarship is available to students in northeast Indiana. The scholarship is administered by the Community Foundation of Fort Wayne.

Crosby Scholarship: This scholarship fund was established in December, 2001 by Garet and Carolyn Crosby in honor of their parents, Louis and Margaret Crosby.

For more information on the various scholarships, click here.

Students who received club scholarships:

Emily Mylrea:

"I had an amazing first semester of my freshman year of college! I made many friends, went to many football games, and learned so much in my classes! I am truly grateful to have received the scholarship to attend such a great school! Go Blue!"

Kenneth Luu- Class of '12

"The UM Club of Fort Wayne has been an incredible foundation for my education. I am very grateful for the support the UM Club has shown me, providing me with the opportunity and assistanceto learn with the leaders and best. I hope to mentor and support students in the future, just like the UM Club of Fort Wayne has helped me. I've always firmly believed in helping those who have once helped you along the way."

You've made the Michigan Difference for these students, helping them to meet the extra level of commitment required by out-of-state tuition. We need your continued support. Please make a new or renewed donation to the University of Michigan Club of Fort Wayne scholarship fund. Your gift enables Fort Wayne students to study with world-renosned faculty, learn from a diverse group of fellow students, and enrich their lives with internationally recognized arts and culture programs. Michigan students have opportunities unlike any other. Together we can continue to support our community and our Alma Matter! All contributions are tax deductible.

 Application for Scholarship Aid – Due April 1


The U-M Club of Fort Wayne provides need-based scholarships for students who will attend The University of Michigan. These four-year awards typically range from $3,000 to $5,000 each year.

The following paperwork must be submitted to the UMAC-FW for consideration:

  • Student                                   Section One                Required – Merit & Financial
  • Guidance Counselor*            Section Two                Required – Merit & Financial
  • Parents                                   Section Three              Financial Assistance Only

*Or Teacher for the Comments section.

Review & Selection Process:

All applications will be reviewed by a panel of UMAC-FW members.  All applications will be reviewed after the deadline, at the same time, without preference given to those received earlier than the due date.

Once all applications are reviewed, personal interviews will be scheduled in mid-April. When the selections have been made, the recipients will be notified in early May. The scholarship awards will be presented during the UMAC-FW Spring Banquet in mid-May.

All students who wish to be considered for a scholarship from the UMAC-FW must submit all required documents to the University Of Michigan Office Of Financial Aid in order for them to make a determination of the student’s level of financial need. The Office of Financial Aid’s determination of need is a critical component in the scholarship application process, and a student’s application will not be considered without it.

The University Of Michigan Alumni Club Of Fort Wayne reserves the right to award scholarships to students in its sole discretion. All decisions by the UMAC-FW Board regarding the scholarship award amounts and recipients are final.

Best of luck and Go Blue!