Board Leadership

Board of Directors

Pursuant to its Articles of Association and Bylaws, UMCGC is led by a Board of Directors elected from the general club membership each spring. The Board is separated into committees, including programming, students and scholarships, and marketing. UMCGC’s directors for the 2017-18 year are:

Board of Directors
Alan Moy
Dustin Tsap
Ilana Black
Jennifer DeGeus
Kara Horsley
Lynda Myszkowski
Michael Weinberg
Nikki Little
Ping Guo
Steven Tamaroglio
Chris Mather
Emma Sadikovich
Jeff Piell
Jesse Hyde
Kelly Finzer
Mary Randolph Dale
Michelle Mirzoian
Patricia Theokas
Robynn Leidig
Tania Yusaf
Desiree Lauricella
Erica Nedelman
Jeff Lieberman
Joe Holberg
Leslie Henstock
Michael Chropowicz
Neil DiMarco
Phillip Zinda
Sharan Shokar
Themistocles Frangos

Club Officers

UMCGC’s officers for 2017-18
President: Chris Mather
Vice President: Desiree Lauricella
Secretary: Nikki Little
Treasurer: Dustin Tsap
Immediate Past President: Ilana Black

Committee Chairs

UMCGC’s current committee chairs
Marketing: Jennifer DeGeus & Nikki Little
Community Service: Robynn Leidig
Cultural: Kara Horsley
Membership: Desiree Lauricella
Networking: Jesse Hyde & Steven Tamaroglio
Scholarship: Michael Weinberg & Phillip Zinda
Club Council: Jeff Piell

If you are interested in learning more about sitting on UMCGC’s Board of Directors, please email us at